Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2018

What an art fair! It’s been a week’s time since the fair and I’m still buzzing from all the excitement and activity.  

This was my first time participating in the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and it was a remarkably splendid experience.  Getting to meet those who follow me online in person was amazing.  I had some great conversation regarding art with many visitors while also making some new friends along the way.  

Going into the weekend I was a little nervous about how the fair would go. The knowledge I had of the fair was as a visitor, or was the second-hand experiences of friends who participated in past years.  Not bad resources by any means, but still, I was nervous about what the weekend would hold in store for me. I really wanted to be properly prepared. Thankfully the packing and re-packing (and overall fretting) I did the weeks leading up was of help because the weekend went off without any hiccups! *Big sigh of relief*

I was met with some truly great surprises! The first day I was amazed to receive the Emerging Artist by Emerging Curator Award. (Please check out the link for more info regarding the awards). This prize provides the recipients with an exhibition at Propeller Gallery in Toronto. The best part about the awards ceremony was being in company with many other artists who I know and respect. It was such a great honour to have been selected.

The final days of the fair proceeded with a great degree of sunshine and heat which was met with enthusiasm by all. The lovely weather brought with it large crowds of enthusiastic art lovers eager to talk and connect.  Plus, best of all, a number of my paintings found new homes with kind patrons.

This was surely an event I will look back on fondly and which I hope to participate in again.  Thank you to all those that were kind enough to connect with me this weekend. You made the experience so special.

Photos by myself and Jane McKeown

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